1. Yes! This is my favorite Nell song!!! I actually have 2 of his covers of this song. I don’t know which one you wanted so I uploaded them both :)

100705 - MBC Starry Night - Time Spent Walking Through Memories by Sunggyu
* amplified audio
* MF song download ; Cover Art


111024 - SuKiRa - Time Spent Walking Through Memories by Sunggyu
* amplified audio
* MF song download ; Cover Art 

2. Thank you, anon! They’re far from HQ but I try my best :) Hurricane by WooGyu! Sure! But an awesome cover… it’s from a radio program so the screencap is LQ so… sorry~

100702 - HY’s Music Party - Hurricane by Sunggyu & Woohyun
* amplified audio
* MF song download ; Cover Art 

Don’t ask me why there’s a lightning bolt when it clearly is entitled ‘Hurricane’ lol i just don’t know how to represent ‘hurricane’ haha  /fail


120226 - Second Invasion Concert: Japan - Because by Sunggyu
* amplified audio
* MF song download ; Cover Art

There’s this little thing with Gyu’s voice though… it’s pretty thin and so… the live band easily overpowers his voice… which is why I say we start a petition for him to always sing in his lower register! /shot  so his vocals isn’t as loud as I wanted it to be against the background music. Sorry~

5. LOL WUT What even. Well, good thing I actually have an mp3 of his cover of For You already, haha. OMG. Why do I find this so amusing. Maybe I should have just sent you the link privately but lol. This is just so funny so I’m posting this!

June2010 - JYJ Thanksgiving Live in Dome - For You by Jaejoong
* amplified audio
* MF song download ; Cover Art

6. DRIFTING APART! Another favorite Nell song of mine~ So you mean the Sunggyu version without the mix with Jongwan’s voice? Sureo~ I don’t know why I didn’t post this sooner, haha!

110115 - SuKiRa Super Concert - Drifting Apart by Sunggyu
* amplified audio
* MF song download ; Cover Art

7. WITH YOU! Yes, anon! You’re not the first person to message me about posting their cover of With You :) I’m currently working on them. And by ‘them’ I mean the 5 times they covered this song. Haha! There’s probably even more that I’ve missed but these are the only ones that I currently have:

I’m sorry but I can’t post them right now. I’ll post them up pretty soon though ^^~


9. & 10. I don’t usually make audio rips of cuts from shows but sure! Because 1, Im Jae Bum! 2, CHEST TONE UGH LOWER REGISTER DYING. And oh, featuring Dongwoo and talkative!Myungsoo’s laughter ^^~

120822 - Ranking King - Confession by Sunggyu
* amplified audio
* MF song download ; Cover Art

11. Hello! Haha, who are you? ANON, that’s who! /lame

Anyways, Gyu’s last performance on IS2? On 120825? Anon, he didn’t perform on the 120825 broadcast. His last performance was on 120818 where he sang I’ll Give You My All which I already posted an audio rip of here. The 18th and 25th IS2 were actually a two episode special on Lee Jang Hee’s hits. So Sunggyu performed and won for the first half of the special (18th) and then he was also there on the 2nd half (25th) but he didn’t perform because he already did on the first half. Hope I made sense!

12. Well, since I already made one for Sunggyu’s cut, I don’t see any reason why I shouldn’t make one for Hoya’s cut as well!

Actually, MNET uploaded a full version of Hoya’s karaoke cut ahead of the broadcast (I’m using this longer version!). Which personally, to me, is just them fangirling/fanboying over what Hoya’s character Junhee experienced the night before on the 10th episode of Reply 1997. If the caption on the broadcast is any indication, I am correct, haha! Because when Hoya was serenading Woohyun, the caption was like,

"The wounds that he has received from Yunjae, he is here to solve them - Reply 1997’s Kang Junhee."

I seriously LOLed. Plus, the lyrics of what Hoya was singing was spot on to what Junhee has been going through:

"The moment I recognized this love,
It was the hardest time of my life.

It was unavoidable so I just faced it,
I couldn’t even step aside so I just accepted it,
But no one acknowledges my love,
The world still sees it as a joke.”

Oh, MNET, ship it harder. 

120822 - Ranking King - A Poem of Love by Hoya
* amplified audio
* MF song download ; Cover Art


Sorry these are so late, guys :( I haven’t been able to work on them sooner because of other things.

I’m slowly going through all my messages and answering them one by one! I’m so sorry for taking so long! I just have this tendency to type up really really long replies so it might take awhile! Thank you for being so patient!

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